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Anasayfa / Basindan / Siirler / Gül Yüzünüz Solmasin / Linkler / Günün Sözü / English



He was born in Gaziantep in 1962. He completed his primary and secondary education in Gaziantep. Due to having to work as a child, he could not attend university even though he wanted. He is an author of books about embracing humanity and is married with three sons. Nowadays he is well-known by people with the slogan ‘May your smile never fade’ and is involved with helping organisations that aid poor people.

His Works include:

*Happiness and Success

* Tales of Temel

*Tales of Nasrettin Hodja

*Politeness and Manner

*Success Stories of the Entrepreneurs

*The Etiquette of Conversing

*How to be Good Parents

*Our People

*Forming Brands and Developing Management

*Golden Advices for Managers

*The Art of Sales and Marketing

*An Ode to Love

*Short Stories of Çanakkale

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